Micro Block  The Anti Skid


We serve in National and International Territory
The Micro Block The Anti Skid brand from by Microgres ® that has been on the market for more than 40 years.Offering cutting-edge technology to make wet floors safe through specific treatments for each type of ceramic and porcelain tile.

And effectively addressing the risk areas of both the National and International Territories.
We have a history of success in all market segments.


  • The best of the market
  • Agility in service
  • Qualified professionals
  • High durability and efficacy of treatment
  • Does not change the visual characteristics of the floor
  • Years of Know-how experience in floors



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Our Compromise

Increase awareness that accident prevention is much more valuable and advantageous. Thus avoiding falls, fractures, expenses with indemnity payments and unnecessary hospital costs.


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